Breakfast club 7.30 am 8.30am

Breakfast club is run by Hilltop staff members so your children will see a familiar face on arrival.

We provide a range of cereals, toast with a choice of spreads and a special item, such as croissants, pancakes or brioche.

Once the children have finished their breakfast they access to board games, arts and craft activities or reading books. 

Places must be booked online via parent pay (  in advance £3.75 per morning. Pupil Premium children will receive a free place but it is essential to still book.

After School Provision

After school sports clubs

“To nurture and develop all people in our Trust so that they reach their full potential academically, vocationally and personally, including being positive role models for future generations in the community. We will achieve this by providing high quality values-based education that cultivates employability and life skills making our schools the first choice for young people, staff, parents, carers and employers.”

We, including all staff are tasked with working tirelessly to aid and improve others giving all opportunities within the Sporting sector to maximise their own individual potential. We believe in being inclusive and creating a positive working environment whilst working within diverse communities.

Monday      Year 3 – Year 6 9.01.23 – 6.02.23-5 sessions Football 
Tuesday      Year 1 – Year 2 8.11.23 – 20.12.23-5 sessions Football 
*Thursday   Year 2 – Year 6 6.01.23 – 21.12.23-6 sessions *Just dance club (new club) 
Thursday    Year 3 – Year 6 6.01.23 -1 5.12.23-6 sessions Dodgeball 
Friday          Year 1 – Year 4    7.01.23 – 16.12.23-6 sessions Dodgeball 
To book please follow this link