Every child should enjoy a safe, satisfying, nutritious meal at lunchtime, giving them energy for the rest of the day. Wherever possible Total Catering Solutions (SE) Ltd use Fresh, Farm Assured Local Meat and Vegetables, supporting local farms and suppliers, our fish is MSC certified to prove its sustainability and we do not knowingly use unsustainable palm oil or GM products.

Sometimes using these local suppliers has meant that our supply has been only minimally affected, however if the situation should worsen then we will inform your school before making any substitutes on the menu. ‘Home’ cooked meals using good quality ingredients made with love by well trained and supported kitchen staff make sure your child is given a tasty and nutritious lunchtime meal. Our menus are bespoke, one size does not fit all, they are compiled by experienced teams working with your school to ensure we include the different tastes and diversity of its children and staff.

Every day there will be a main meal and a vegetarian option, some schools include a filled jacket potato, filled baguette, fresh selfserve salad bar (Covid restrictions permitted) Fresh Home-Made Bread, Fruit Yogurt, Fresh Fruit Pots along with the main dessert of the day. We have included our ‘covert recipes’ range with additional blitzed down vegetables added to our savoury sauces and additional fruit and wholegrain added to our desserts, along with things like beetroot added to our chocolate cake and courgette added to our lemon cake. We encourage hydration and fresh chilled water is available throughout service as well as chilled semi skimmed milk

All pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to a free school meal, and what a great time to introduce your child to eat new things with their friends.

If you believe your child may be entitled to free school meals from Years 3-6 you can apply at
https://www.gov.uk/apply-free-school-meals or contact your school office.

Total Catering Solutions endeavour to be ensure that every child that has allergies are safely catered for and we have listed all allergens on our menus as given to us by our suppliers, but at a time of shortages when substitutes may be sent by our suppliers, we cannot guarantee this 100%.

If your child has a food allergy and you would like to discuss this with one of our team, or have copies of our recipes to see the full ingredients then please do contact me email gill@tcsinfo.co.uk