Pre-School September 2024 Intake

We are pleased to let you know we are now looking to start the process of our September 2024 intake. This is currently children who were born between 1st September 2020 and 31st August 2021. If you would like to apply, please click here and return the completed form to the Hilltop School Office. Please call the school office if you have any further questions 01634 710 312.

Open Afternoons – Tuesday 11th and Thursday 13th June 2024 (1:30pm – 2:30pm)
Pre-School ‘Stay & Play’ Sessions – Tuesday 25th and Thursday 27th June 2024 (1:30 – 2:00pm).
(Available only for those joining the nursery in September 2024).

For all Nursery admission enquiries please email

Please use the button above for the Nursery application form that will need to be completed and returned back to Hilltop Office, so that your child can be added onto our waiting list and your application can be processed (ideally by email or post or alternatively please bring it to the school).

Nursery children are admitted from the term following their 3rd birthday. Our main intake is at the start of the new academic school year (end of August/start of September) and we have an intake in January, March/April depending on when Easter falls and if we have spaces available.

We offer both 15- hour and 30-hour funding. Our morning sessions run from 8.30am to 11.30am and our afternoon sessions run from 12.30pm to 3.30pm.

To check your eligibility if you think you may be entitled to 30-hour funding (either a lone parent working 16 hours or more per week or two parents both working more than 16 hours a week), please visit:

If you are eligible for the 30-hour funding, you will need to provide your National Insurance Number and 30-hour code provided by HMRC before your child starts Nursery so we can register this with Medway to receive the funding. You will need to refresh your 30-hour code at certain points throughout the year, this is to check that you are still eligible to receive the funding but your code will never change.

Please note that parents who choose this option should be aware that you are able to collect your child and take them home for lunch if you wish, alternatively your child can remain in Pre-School for lunchtime, however, there will be a daily charge of £5.12 for this hour of childcare. Furthermore, if your child would like a school dinner this will be charged at an additional £2.50, however, you are welcome to provide a packed lunch. An invoice will be sent to you termly for this extra charge, charged at £5.12 pro rata per hour.

With our 15-hour funding, sessions can either be taken as AM sessions or PM sessions. Any additional hours will be charged at £5.12 per hour.

Please note that Nursery children are expected to attend all their booked sessions that have been asked for on a weekly basis unless there is a valid reason for their absence. Should your child not attend all their booked sessions for three consecutive weeks, their place in our Nursery will be reviewed as we are an oversubscribed Nursery.

If you wish to withdraw your child from our Nursery, a term’s notice must be given.

Nursery to Reception Admissions

Please note that if your child attends our Nursery, this does not mean that they will automatically be given a place for Reception. You will need to apply for your child’s Reception place via Medway Council.